‘to fortify and sustain,

no matter the circumstance’

In an evolving global landscape marked by complexity ​and uncertainty, our mission is to be the unwavering ​guardian of people, assets, and reputations. We dedicate ​ourselves to ensuring international safety and security ​whilst maintaining our client’s integrity amid fluctuating ​landscapes. By leveraging expertise, training, resources, ​innovation, and vigilant adaptability, we act as the shield ​against unforeseen challenges, facilitating growth and ​stability in every endeavour. At the forefront of global ​resilience, we commit ourselves to shaping a safer and ​more predictable tomorrow for our clients.




Risk Mitigation

Decades of experience in the security industry, ​providing successful risk-managed solutions to ​clients globally; covert, overt, complex, ​protective surveillance, armed and unarmed


Journey Management

Taking you and your project anywhere in the world: securely, discreetly and compliant with ISO 31030:2021 - with in-house pilots and aviation solutions


Mission Support

Experienced in traditional and bespoke project management, you can count on us to allocate the required resources and provide mission support in all environments

Our Experience

The management team have been accountable for a variety of complex projects around the world over the last decade. Each of them required an in-depth level of planning and project know-how to provide truly unique solutions. We've had the honour of being the firm of choice for various international clients, providing mission support in a variety of austere theatres including:

Central America


SE Asia & Africa

"Jordan is trustworthy and reliable. He works well with all agencies and all government officials to complete all assignments as safely and professionally as possible above all"

J.C, President & CEO (Central America)

"We wouldn't be here without you. I've travelled and driven all around the world, that was a hard drive. I've not seen anything like that before, the focus and professionalism of your guys on that convoy was incredible"

J.J, V.President (Ukraine)

"Thank you for all the support, the family really appreciated Nick's professionalism throughout the trip. I will most certainly count on and depend on you for our future security needs"

R.S, CEO (Europe)

"Thank you Nick, I thank you for your diligence in performing your duties"

Dr. C.M, Chairman & President (UK)

"Peter’s experience, professionalism, and team orientation are all assets that made him ​an exceptional partner in providing security services"

Mr G.J, Former Head of International Security - NFL (USA)

"Peter is well respected within the management team at Wimbledon, he operates at a ​very high level of diplomacy and discretion. With a high level of strategic understanding ​he achieved 100% KPI and SLA achievement"

Mr S.G, Former Head of Security at AELTC Wimbledon (UK)

Experience led,

Academically backed

Crown Consulting (Projects) Ltd is managed and led by ​seasoned risk managers with a world of experience in ​project management, risk-mitigated solutions, remotely ​piloted aircraft (CAA UKPDRA01) and bespoke resourcing ​requirements. Based out of the UK with satellite offices in ​Poland, Tanzania, and Honduras, we consistently deliver ​successful consultancy & advisory projects, mission ​support & resourcing, and ‘preferred supplier’ solutions - ​internationally, including armed & armoured strategies.

Crown Consulting LATAM S.A. is our Honduran entity ​headed up by internationally renowned attorney Cesar ​Gonzalez, allowing us an enhanced footprint in the Central ​American region.

As of Q1 2024, Crown Consulting became part of the​ Westminster Security Group, forging a strong alliance and ​enhancing an already industry-defining brand.

We have provided the means for our clients to safely ​continue their work and lives in otherwise risk-rich ​environments. We endeavour to carry on this heritage.

A Snow Covered Mountain Under the White Sky

Jordan Crown

With a background in multi-stakeholder security design ​and risk mitigation, Jordan has gained a variety of ​industry-relatable qualifications including a Masters ​degree in Security & Risk Management and has a passion ​for problem-solving, strategy design and ​implementation.

He saw various deployments to the Balkans and the ​Middle East in a reconnaissance and surveillance role ​with 1st Btl Grenadier Guards, 3rd Btl Parachute ​Regiment and 12Mech Brigade Reconnaissance Force. ​After leaving the military in 2009 Jordan’s career ​focused on risk management and security design for ​global investment groups, international enterprises, ​media agencies, international sporting events and ​aerospace and defence in domestic, international, and ​complex environments.

Jordan’s knowledge of academically recognised risk ​management and security infrastructure lifecycle, ​frameworks and standards, gives him the knowledge ​base for strategic decisions and strategy design. Jordan ​thrives in commercially sensitive domains that require ​bespoke and adaptive implementation and ​development.

A Snow Covered Mountain Under the White Sky

Pete Hinkin

Pete’s vast experience of demonstratable business development and successful contract management is a testament to his early adult years as a Royal Marines Commando. Pete’s passion for problem-solving and excellent stakeholder management (both client and personnel) is always acknowledged through positive feedback.

Pete’s career shows successful maritime security experience, HNW and high-profile individual security management, international sporting event contract management, and a keenness for productive business development across the full spectrum of the security industry.

His knowledge and experience in security contract management provide a leading edge for Crown Consulting and its future endeavours. Pete is an exceptional security designer, strategic thinker, and decision-maker, allowing Crown Consulting to multi-task across a variety of international projects.

A Snow Covered Mountain Under the White Sky

Charles Stockdale

Charles is a highly experienced and disciplined security ​manager and advisor. His insight in the planning, ​training, leadership, organising and delivery of highly ​complex operations is testament to his twenty-eight-year ​military career. Charles began his military career with the ​2nd Btl, Parachute Regiment, before serving more than ​twenty-one years of regular service with 22nd Special Air ​Service Regiment. Charles has recently retired from ​active military service.

Since leaving regular service, Charles has been very ​active within the private security industry. Working ​internationally and domestically, Charles has provided ​security for a number of Ultra High Net Worth clients. This ​has included the planning and organising of their entire ​protective effort.

Charles’ role within Crown Consulting is to provide ​subject matter expertise in the operational planning of ​tasks. This includes liaison with all stakeholders to allow ​Crown Consulting to design and implement relative and ​realistic solutions, whilst providing advice and insight for ​our complex projects.

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